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This is a gaming review podcast with a difference. It has a more casual setting as it's basically 3 friends sat drinking hot drinks chatting about games with the odd guest. It includes quizzes, banter and a whole lot of video games. Enjoy



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About the presenters

Alex, Chris and Matt have been friends for over 25 years and have been playing games with each other since the time of the super Nintendo. They play games from all categories between them and never shy from a bit of banter.


Alex McMullan

When Alex was asked to join Blue Shell Review he immediately agreed but thought it was an idea that would probably fizzle out yet still dedicated himself to the idea. His favourite Consoles are Xbox One and PS4 , his favourite game is “The Last Of Us” and has completed it several times over without losing interest. He likes to try lots of different games which usually limits him to only play small portions of them. He likes zombie games.


Chris Taylor

Chris got the idea for Blue Shell Review when he noticed one day that when he got together with Matt and Alex they tended to analyse games in natural conversation and he thought that would make interesting listening for gamers. His favourite console is the PS4 but he also have an affinity for Nintendo as well, his favourite game is “Tomb Raider” and likes puzzle games. He is a dedicated PlayStation trophy collector as he think it can be the best and worst thing about a game at times.


Matt Chapman

After a Motorbike accident Matt saw Blue Shell Review as an opportunity for mental healing, it was something he could focus on and take his mind off his injuries and despite not being able to play a lot of games in recent times he has years of gaming experience to tap into. He plays Nintendo and PS4, His favourite game is “Red Dead Redemption” although he plays many genre’s of games he prefers racing games above all. Matt is also a strong PlayStation trophy collector and usually competes with Chris.


Craig Clarke

Craig joined blue shell review as a fill in for when one of the others were away but his sense of humour and knowledge of games that even the others hadn't heard solidified him as a full time member. Craig's favourite games are pretty much anything with a zombie in it. His favourite console is PlayStation though he holds an affinity to the Commodore 64 and Acorn Electron.


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